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About Us
Pharmacist explains medicine properties
Pharmacist explains medicine properties




PharmaSmart’s Mission is to provide you with the best possible pharmaceutical care through compassion, science and direct collaboration with Doctors and specialists. We use state of the art technology to accelerate communication, delivery and optimize your health outcomes. 

We strive to be your first point of contact for any medical or health needs. Call us or directly talk to us via our completely secure Video conferencing platform and we will link you immediately with a doctor to address your needs. We will then fill your prescription and deliver it to you as soon as possible. 

Pharmacists are experts at capturing the right information, organizing your medication history and presenting the relevant information. Our pharmacists will do all of the work and communicate a concise direct report to your doctor prior to your appointment. You no longer have to worry about filling out forms and figuring out how to signup for new services. We will take care of it all and you can soley focus on getting better.




PharmaSmart uses Clinko for practice management. 

Our pharmacists are always a call or a click away. Your records are always safe. Security isn’t just a fine-print for us: Its a central feature and shapes every decision we make. 

Telemedicine, video call to doctor, communication with medicine online.

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PharmaSmart is continuously building its network of Doctors and specialists so we can take care of all of your medical needs.

North York Family Medicine Center (NYFMC) is a group of family physicians who work together giving your family best access to personalized care and quality services – with a focus on illness prevention.

NYFMC provide care during regular and extended office hours and patients also have access to a nurse-staffed Telephone Health Advisory Service. 

DermCafe is a virtual Dermatologist consultation clinic. Connect with an online Board-Certified Canadian Dermatologist within days! OHIP-covered walk-in visits. Prescriptions delivered for free through PharmaSmart.

Comprehensive, state of the art cardiology practice with specialization in clinical consultations, coronary angiograms, coronary angioplasty, and cardiac surgery, with unique expertise in the management of atrial fibrillation, and dyslipidemia.

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Pharmasmart pharmacy services

Automatic refills

You no longer need to worry about when your medications are running out. We will remember to refill your medications on time.

free delivery

You can choose to pick up your medications or get them delivered wherever you are. Avoid waiting and lineup by getting your medications delivered to your home for free.

compliance packaging

Compliance packs help patients adhere to their medication regimen and reduce the risk of missed doses. We offer multiple size compliance packs at no additional charge to help you better manage your medications.


Sometimes medications are not available in the required dose or combination. Our expert pharmacists are able to customize the dose or strength of medications to guarantee it meets your individual needs.

circle of care

Our collaboration with other health teams, like the North York Family Health Team, helps us communicate effectively to achieve the common goal of providing the best medical care to our patients.


Order your over the counter medications online and get them delivered to your home. Talk to one of our friendly pharmacists to help you choose the right items; call 416 444 4385. Free delivery over $50

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Yes, we deliver for free to anywhere in the GTA.

Yes, we can process all types of plans at PharmaSmart.

We use multiple top rated courier companies in the GTA to ensure that your fridge items are delivered on the same day  within the allowed temperature range..

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Peter Vincent

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Peter Vincent

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